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Self-adhesive tape or MAX. tapes

Self-adhesive printed packaging tape can be used to seal boxes and as strapping material. Or for printing self-adhesive paper and reinforcement tape. Printed tape is
an excellent and relatively cheap way to add the finishing touches to your product and to enhance your company's profile. We print a wide variety of tapes in up to 3 colours, produced as hand or as machine rolls. A standard size for printed tape is 50 mm x 66 m, we print tapes ranging in width from 12 mm to 150 mm.

Background information

Tape is the generic term used for self-adhesive material which reveals a layer of self-adhesive glue as it is unrolled. This self-adhesive tape can be made of fabric, paper, plastic or aluminium. Tape, the self-adhesive material, is available in many different designs and formats, and is suitable for a range of applications.


  • Packaging tapes as a box sealing tape
  • Technical self-adhesive tape for a wide range of industrial applications, including automotive, electronics, construction and promotional applications
  • Self-adhesive tapes for medical applications


In the Netherlands, there are only a handful of manufacturers of printed tape, including Max. Aarts B.V.
The basic material:

  • Polypropylene tape with hotmelt adhesive
  • Polypropylene tape acrylic adhesive
  • Paper tape with rubber adhesive
  • Laminated printed tape
  • PVC tape with rubber adhesive layer

Design and pre-press

Are you not sure about your exact design? No problem, we have a fully equipped, professional studio at our disposal, as well as an enthusiastic team who are on hand to help you with the planning, design and application to produce a first-class product. We will be only too happy to draw up a no-obligation print and/or design proposal for you.