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Special Printing Max Aarts official BRC/IOP certified


Max Aarts has been already working for a long time according to the standards of the British Retail Consortium. We have now also achieved the official BRC / IOP certification with the highest Grade A ranking. We are proud to share this important information with you.
Which effect has this on your working-relation with Max Aarts and what is (BRC / IOP)?
For you as our valued customer it is now official and tested that we meet the most critical requirements of the BRC uses regarding to the ability to achieve this certification. The BRC (British Retail Consortium) describes the hygiene and food safety requirements for food processing and pharmaceutical companies that sell directly to the retail sector. Besides the standard for food BRC has, in collaboration with the Institute of Packaging (IOP), also introduced a standard for the packaging of food products. This is the BRC/IOP standard, which focus on the hygienic production of packaging materials for the food industry.
Cooperation between Max Aarts and BRC-IOP
Max Aarts has been for a long time a leader and is specialized in printing of various types of packaging materials. Max Aarts recognizes the importance of food safety, quality and personal hygiene like no other, since these points have already long been a way of thinking and living in our company. Now, after several years of intensive preparation and hard work, is the time that the official recognition of the hard work and the efforts has been rewarded with this Certificate.


dnv brc-iop cartificaat