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Self-adhesive labels or MAX. labels

We produce self-adhesive labels on a roll for a wide range of applications.

Background information

Self-adhesive labels, commonly known as stickers or labels, is a collective term for products that offer infinite possibilities. In most cases, the label material consists of a siliconised carrier onto which adhesive paper or plastic has been applied. Together, these 3 layers, carrier, adhesive and label form the label material. These 3 layers can be composed of different types of material. The term "label" is used for any material that is die-cut, a process that gives the label its distinct form. The labels are positioned alongside each other on the carrier, separated by only a few millimetres, the material between the labels is then removed. In our branch of industry, the term "label" usually refers to a roll-on-roll product, i.e. the labels are automatically applied using a label dispenser. This dispenser reads the blank space between the labels, and applies the label to the substrate surface.

Depending on the application, the label is either printed or unprinted. Printed labels can be printed in one colour or in up to 8 colours. The label can also be printed on the back in one production run. It is even possible to print onto the adhesive side.


Each branch of industry has its own specific applications, and therefore places different demands on the label. For instance, some materials are suitable for frozen conditions, humid conditions, direct contact with foodstuffs and pharmaceutical applications. The printed label is an information carrier that is suitable for a range of applications, e.g. in supermarkets and for product presentations. As a logistical application, the label - containing varied information - is often applied at the place of use. The label’s content is printed with a label printer, thermo transfer or inkjet. Laserjet A4 labels are also becoming increasingly popular, both printed and unprinted. These can be applied on site, containing a variety of information printed with a laser printer.