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Branding by Banding



Banding or MAX. banding

Banding is becoming an increasingly popular way to add information to a product. From private labels to your own designs, banding gives your product the added value it needs. Furthermore, increasingly stringent statutory requirements and consumer demands are limiting the amount of space available on other information carriers, such as labels. This is one of the reasons for the growing interest in banding. Max Aarts is able to print banding in up to 8 colours.

Printing inside the tape and contour cutting are also possible.


  1. Secured against opening.
  2. Distinctive, high-quality product appearance.
  3. Automatically processed using appropriate banding technology.
  4. Available in a variety of dimensions and materials, including mc, pp and pla (100% biodegradable).
  5. Ample space for product presentation.
  6. Printable on 2 sides.

Tapes can be automatically processed on a banding machine. For information about the machines, please visit


Do you a rough idea about the banding you require, but not about the suitable packaging? Not a problem, Max Aarts can take care of everything. We have many years of packaging experience, and will be only too happy to assist you in finding and/or devising the right packaging.

Design and Pre-press

Are you not sure about your exact design? No problem, we have a fully equipped, professional studio at our disposal, as well as an enthusiastic team who are on hand to help you with the planning, design and application to produce a first-class product. We will be only too happy to draw up a no-obligation print and/or design proposal for you.